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I have chosen to work with Artego colour due to its low ammonia content, with coconut oil and milk, amino acids and oligominerals. It gives the hair an intense and stable colour, which are rich in reflects! Raindance artego's natural haircare range & Good Society products.

Raindance products
good society products

Bond Ultim8

This amazing product prevents bond breakage during chemical hair processes and protects the hair bonds over time.

Bond has 8 benefits in 1 Some of these include helping protect bonds during lightening,

help prevent hair breakage, helps preserve hair fibers, deeply nourishes and makes hair looks healthier. Ultimately it protect bonds and keeps the hair strong all in the same service.

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NAK Treatments & Thinning Hair Range

evy straightening iron


Every Evy Proffessional product uses unique Mineral Infused Technology for the ultimate styling experience. Evy products are infused with an extraordinary blend of 32 minerals. The result is pure inner hydration that leaves hair healthy, shiny and lustrous looking.

tape hair extensions

Missy Lox


Tape Hair Extensions are the most popular hair extensions style on the market. If installed correctly they are completely inconspicuous and will NOT damage your hair. They are semi permanent and need to be removed and then reinstalled every 6 – 8 weeks. Due to the flat bond they are extremely comfortable, you will actually forget you’re wearing them! I have tested many different sizes and found this size to be the best as it perfectly blends in with your natural hair. 

Once you try Missy Lox Tape Hair extensions I can guarantee that you will never try another brand or style again. They have a much longer life span than all of our competitors.

lilash serum



Li Lash is the world’s most iconic eyelash serum because it provides real results in just weeks! LiLash®is:
• The #1 eyelash growth serum in the world
• A complete 3-month treatment in each tube • An easy to use daily treatment
• No glue. No fake lashes. No extensions. 
These are YOUR luscious lashes!
• Doctor tested and approved
• Safe for sensitive eyes & contact lenses