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Structure complex shampoo & conditioner
Structure Complex treatment
Blonde Plus shampoo Extra toning /Blue-Violet pigments neautralised unwanted warmth.
Platinum Blonde Anti-Yellow Treatment Tones yellow, softens & repairs damaged hair
Replends Creme
Replends Moisture Mask Hydrating Treatment  Rehydrates, softens & detangles hair.
Ultimate Treatment 60 Second Repair  Strengthens & rejuvenates damaged hair.
Dandruff Control Gently soothes and cleanses problem scalps & helps control and combat dandruff.
Ultimate Cleanse Shampoo Removes chlorine, pollution, Stubborn oil & styling residue.
Dry Shampoo  Absorbs oil, cleanses & refreshes hair without water.
Done & Dusted Creates weightless matte texture & grip.
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Energise Thinning Kit
Energise Thickening Range
Revitalise Thinning Kit
Revitalise Thickening Range
Moisture-Rich Thinning Kit
Moisture-Rich Softening Range
Mineral Defence
Follicle Energiser
Scalp to Hair Thermal Protector
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