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Braiding Classes



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Saturday 2nd Sept $60

12-1.30pm Mum & Daughter


1.30-3pm Dad & Daughter


Click links above to book, limited spots available

Basic Haircare

Learn the basics. including but not limited to.

Brushing & Detangling (with no tears)

What products to use and why, basic ponytail & plaiting

1hr class $60

PRIVATE 1:1 $80

Screen Shot 2023-07-02 at 8.28.37 pm.png

Teenagers Haircare

45 minute class to teach young girls how to wash their hair properly. What products to use and why

PRIVATE 1:1 $80

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 2.51.53 pm.png

Basic Braids

Learn how to plait, dutch braid, french braid and any other type of braid you'd like

1hr class $60

PRIVATE 1:1 $80


School Holiday Skin & Hair
Recommended for 12-16yrs

In this 'learn to class' choose 1 from each list

1. skincare 2.Browshape or &

1. prescription haircare 2. curls or 3.braids

1. learn about skincare -includes mini facial

2. learn how to shape brows -inc brow & lash tint

3. learn to enhance natural features & apply lashes

learn how to wash hair properly in all classes

1. which products to suit your hair - inc wash & treatment

2. learn how to curl your hair - inc full hairstyling

3. learn how to braid/style your hair - inc coloured plait extension

1 hour class $90 - pop-up class for school holidays

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Applying Makeup
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